Chicago City Council forms Asian American Caucus

CHICAGO – The Asian American Action Fund of Greater Chicago (AAAF-GC) commends 47th Ward Alderman Ameya Pawar for his leadership in creating the Asian-American Caucus in the Chicago City Council.

“We are so thrilled by today’s announcement,” AAAF-GC president Jae Choi Kim said. “Language access issues have historically been a struggle for many Asians living in Chicago. Collaborations like this are a critical first step to tackling that problem.”

By bringing these issues to the fore, the Asian-American Caucus has the potential to revolutionize the way city services are communicated and delivered to these populations. AAAF-GC fully supports this vision and looks forward to an engaging conversation and ongoing effort to improve delivery of government services.

Asian-Americans make up five percent of the city’s population and represent the fastest growing ethnic group in the state, yet Alderman Pawar is the first and currently the only Asian-American member of the City Council. The remaining 13 seats on the Asian-American caucus include aldermen who have joined in the effort. AAAF-GC applauds the following members for their leadership and commitment.

Bob Fioretti (2nd)
Will Burns (4th)
Jim Balcer (11th)
Danny Solis (25th)
Walter Burnett (27th)
Richard Mell (33rd)
Marge Laurino (39th)
Pat O’Connor (40th)
Brendan Reilly (42nd)
James Cappleman (46th)
Harry Osterman (48th)
Joe Moore (49th)
Debra Silverstein (50th)