The goal of the Asian American Action Fund of Greater Chicago (AAAFGC) is to elect Asian American candidates for state and local positions in the greater Chicago area, and in the past six years the organization has made significant strides toward that goal.  Through various committees, including our endorsements committee, the AAAFGC has also championed both local and state candidates who are non-Asian Americans but are committed to Asian American issues as well as serving constituencies with a fairly large number of Asian American in their respective districts.  Endorsed candidates of the AAAFGC include a host of elected officials, including the current Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel (2011), Chicago’s first Asian American Alderman, Ameya Pawar (2011), and Illinois’ first Asian American Congresswoman, Tammy Duckworth (2012).

In Illinois, Asian Americans comprise nearly five percent of the total population.  Although there have been Asian Americans in elected office on the local level in several cities surrounding the Chicago area for a while, we did finally elect our very first Asian American to the Chicago City Council in 2011.  However, Illinois remains without Asian American elected officials at the state or county level of government.  It is the AAAFGC’s intention to change this in the years ahead.

The mission of AAAFGC is to encourage Asian American Democrats to participate in the political process and to empower the Asian American community so that we can address the under-representation of Asian Americans in the political life of the Greater Chicago area.  We are also interested in non-Asian American candidates who are supportive on issues of concern to the Asian American community.